Photography: Norio Kidera

Talking with Trees | PAPERSKY #62 Tokyo Tree Trek

This issue is dedicated to Tokyo’s unsung hero the tree. It’s interesting to be writing about trees in the midst of a global human pandemic... »STORY

PAPERSKY no.59 TAIWAN|Hike & Bike Issue

Jaiyou! Jaiyou! Is the Japanese equivalent of ‘Ganbate!’ As we cycled and hiked some 250km over the... »STORY

PAPERSKY no.58 NEW MEXICO|Outdoor Beauty Issue

When in New Mexico you can pick big fluffy clouds out of the sky. Or so it feels. And you’re eyes travel... »STORY


It is no secret that Papersky absolutely adores Switzerland. And for good reason, Switzerland is a country... »STORY


I’ve visited Shodoshima five times and each time I find myself more and more attracted to the island that... »STORY

Upstate New York | Farm & Table Issue

When most of us think of New York our immediate thoughts likely conjure up images of the Manhattan skyline,... »STORY

PAPERSKY no.50 Rio de Janeiro | Bossa Nova

Brazilians have always believed that Brazil potentially can become paradise. Perhaps it’s the stunning... »STORY

PAPERSKY no.49 Taiwan | Hoja! (delicious!)

The history of food and cooking in Taiwan is as deep as the ocean that surrounds the mountainous island. In... »STORY

PAPERSKY no.48 Finland | Land of the Trees

It seems the Finnish soul has always been linked to the forest. Finns feel good in the forest. Not alone, not... »STORY

PAPERSKY no.47 San Francisco in Good Company

Papersky has always been a travel magazine obsessed with both destination as well as story telling and future... »STORY

PAPERSKY no.46 Jomon & Craft Beer Issue

Welcome to BC 10,000, -home to the JOMON people, Japan’s original natives. It seems incredible that such a... »STORY

COLORADO Bouldering & Bathing

Colorado is a genuine state of the future. Not because, of steel & glass buildings or flashy technology... »STORY

Salute! Italia, Sardegna Food

If you love eating, cooking or drinking then Sardegna is a paradise in waiting. This Italian island... »STORY

Argentina Art: ‘Nower’ then Now

Welcome to the future. The fact that you’re interested in Argentina as a country and art in Buenos Aires as... »STORY

Wet & Hot, Gamba Barcelona!

Barcelona is one of the world’s most visited cities. Yet, beyond the beautiful Sagrada Familia, and... »STORY

New Zealand’s Long Pathway

It’s been a Long time since our last issue- and that’s because we’ve been on a Long walk in the land of... »STORY

Swiss Water

Healthy, Clean Water in Switzerland

If someone asked me what are the most important things in the world, I would quickly answer:  love, a great... »STORY

Papersky #39 India

Kerala is a Haven for Art, Food and Health

When we think of India, we think of many things, but rarely does the word clean come to mind. However,... »STORY

Papersky #38 Oregon

Green Running on the Trail in Oregon

What does it tell you about a city that has a public park with 130 kilometers of recreational trails? What... »STORY

Papersky #37 Norway

Norway Balances Nature and Quality of Life

Oslo (Norway) is the modern metropolis that possesses the qualities that cities in the next fifty years will... »STORY

Papersky #36 Edo Tokaido

Tokaido Road has the Roots of Modern Travel

The Edo Period’s greatest road, The Kyu-Tokaido Road, is a 490 kilometer journey. The road was built over... »STORY