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Taiwan has the largest number and density of high mountains in the world. They’re more then 250 mountain summits over 3,000 meters!... »STORY

Photography: Evan Lin

PAPERSKY no.59 TAIWAN|Hike & Bike Issue

Jaiyou! Jaiyou! Is the Japanese equivalent of ‘Ganbate!’ As we cycled and hiked some 250km over the course of six days through Taiwan’s magnificent natural landscape the people routed us on with heartwarming cries of Jaiyou! making... »STORY

Papersky meets Taiwan! Special Travel Talk Event in Taipei

Papersky and Boven magazine library will hold a special talk event at the Boven magazine library in Taipei on November 30th. Lucas B.B., the Editor-in-Chief of PAPERSKY magazine will join Spencer Chou from Boven to talk about Papersky... »STORY

Photography: Yikin Hyo

PAPERSKY no.49 Taiwan | Hoja! (delicious!)

The history of food and cooking in Taiwan is as deep as the ocean that surrounds the mountainous island. In Taiwanese cuisine influences from all of mainland China can be found; in addition... »STORY