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Nara 3 year Organic Bancha

Papersky has selected two of Japan's best tasting and 100% organic teas and packaged them into 'no string' tea bags. So you can easily enjoy the great tast... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Coded Symbols at War / Kite Fighting

There is a single kite remaining, flying alone above Hamamatsu. As it is reeled back in, it looms over the last spectators, transforming itself into an imposing object, powerful and alive — floating nearby it seems more than an... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Lost without a string | Hamamatsu Kite Fighting 2

Paper kites are floating in the sky, their light bamboo frames trailed by hundreds of meters of unspooling hemp rope. Although they’re far off, you can still see the symbols that have been painted on the paper surface of each one —... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

A shape, falling into the sky | Hamamatsu Kite Fighting 1

A tangled network of kite ropes is suspended in the air above a park along Hamamatsu’s coastline. The strong onshore breeze... »STORY