PAPERSKY no.46 Jomon & Craft Beer Issue

Welcome to BC 10,000, -home to the JOMON people, Japan’s original natives. It seems incredible that such a primitive culture is responsible for the way we live, think and work today- but read on, kore mo, are mo, sore mo JOMON da... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Satoshi Kimura: 100 Sounds & Movements / Aomori Nebuta 2

It's sundown on August 2nd, the first day of the Nebuta festival. Before we can see the first Nebuta coming towards us, we hear the dancing Hayashi, surrounding the float in their haneto costumes,... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Hiroo Takenami: Imagining a network of wires and wood / Aomori Nebuta 1

For six nights during August, the population of Aomori swells from 300,000 to over a million. They come from all over Japan to stand on the side of the city’s streets and watch glowing warriors and demons, wielding huge weapons, pass by... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Takashi Kitamura: The making of giants souls

Takashi Kitamura lives in a typical suburban home on the outskirts of Aomori city. But his backyard is not typical, it's a jumbled network of half-made wireframes, stacked one on top of another. ... »STORY