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PAPERSKY Tour de Nippon in Tokachi (Hokkaido)

, 2018/08/06

Tokachi, Hokkaido will be the destination for the September edition of Papersky’s Tour de Nippon. The area is known for producing Japan’s best potato chips! Many of the potatoes are grown in Tokachi, an agriculture heaven: from milk, sugar beets, and asparagus to pork, bread and cheese. In Tokachi both the fields and plates are plentiful. The area’s green fields are surrounded with rolling hills making it a breathtaking area to cycle through.

We are now taking signups at: for Papersky’s Tour de Nippon in Tokachi (Hokkaido). The event will take place on 9/22 (Saturday) and 9/23 (Sunday). Papersky’s Tour de Nippon project is about finding the magic of Japan’s rural districts, their inhabitants, nature, culture and food. Each ride travels to various prefectures to ride bicycles, eat local food and meet the ‘real’ people of the area. This upcoming ride will take us to Tokachi, Hokkaido.

Saturday (9/22) & Sunday (9/23) On Saturday participants will meet up at “Tokachi Plaza” (in front of Obihiro Station) where we will begin our ride. On the first day we’ll do a short (20km) ride around the city of Obihiro. Stopping in at the area’s freshest ice cream shop as well as the healthiest and many would say most delicious bread shop in town as well. In addition to eating we’ll also be stopping by to check out a horse race at the Banei Tokachi race track. These massive (1 ton+) horses were originally bread to farm the massive fields of Tokachi and now they battle it on the track. After our ride we’ll head back to Hotel Nupka, where one can get a good sleep, great cup of coffee and oishii breakfast, as well as knowledge about the area.

On Sunday we’ll wake up early and begin our cycle tour by hopping on a bus to travel to the never-ever-land of farm fields the heart of Tokachi. Our bus will take us to the top of a small hill where we’ll be able to overlook the fields of Tokachi and begin our days ride of (50km) On this day we’ll be meeting the people who grow and produce our food the farmers and craftsman behind the goodness of the Tokachi taste. After meeting the farmers we’ll head to a beautiful restaurant in the woods called Kakko Ryoriten where all riders will be treated to 3 Original Tokachi Sandwiches. Each Sandwich inspired by a different Tokachi chef. So if you’re ready to ride and eat sign up quickly as spots are limited.

Papersky’s Tour de Nippon in Tokachi (Hokkaido) //
DATE: 9/22 (Saturday) & 9/23 (Sunday)
EVENT NAME: Tour de Sandwich in the Fields of Plenty
PLACE: Tokachi, Hokkaido

FEATURING: Authentic, local and fresh food, horse racing, beautiful fields, talks with farming, potato picking, and 3 delicious sandwiches prepared by 3 local chefs using all local grown and crafted ingredients. Stay at the perfectly renovated and conveniently located Hotel Nupka. Enjoy cycling through beautiful fields, fresh squeezed milk and farmers talks. Also included are support car service, bicycle support and guide, chartered bus (9/23), insurance, and a few small gifts.

START TIME & MEETING PLACE: 9/22 (Sat.) 2:30pm @ Tokachi Plaza located directly in front of the JR Obihiro Station (South exit)
FINISH TIME & ENDING LOCATION: 9/23 (Sun.) 4:00pm @ Kakko Ryoriten (We will have free bus service to Obihiro Airport and JR Obihiro Station).
COST: 38,000 yen (hotel cost for the night of 9/22 (Sat.) included!!! If you wish to reserve a bicycle for the ride we can arrange that for an additional 3,000 yen.
*Total riding distance: 73 km
SIGN UP for the RIDE!!!
Please write to us to begin the sign up process at or ask questions at:
Please include the following information when contacting us: Name, Birth Date, Age, Address, Cell Phone Number, Body Height, Requests for rental bicycle and helmet, Flight / Train Information to Obihiro Airport

If you would like to participate it’s necessary to sign up in advance and while spots are available.
*The cost of the Papersky’s Tour de Nippon does NOT INCLUDE TRANSPORTATION (flights, cars, trains, ferries) from the participant’s house to the starting point and from the finish point back to the participant’s house. All transportation must be self-booked.
*The Tokachi (Hokkaido) Tour does include accommodation in Obihiro City for the night of 9/22 (Saturday) at the Hotel Nupka (The room type is dormitory. Male room and female room are separated).

Papersky’s Tour de Nippon Website:

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