Tour de Nippon in Akita / Tazawako

, 2017/07/24

Tazawako, Akita located in Northern Japan is filled with green trees, blue water and mountain vegetables. Lumber is plenty, the pine trees being used for building and the maple trees to make beautiful baskets. Occasionally, rising from the fresh air one can hear the howl of an Akita Dog.
We are now taking sign ups at for Papesky’s Tour de Nippon in Akita / Tazawako. The event will take place on 9/23 (Saturday) and 9/24 (Sunday). Papersky’s Tour de Nippon project is about finding the magic of Japan’s rural districts, their inhabitants, nature, culture and food. Each ride travels to various prefectures to ride bicycles, eat local food and meet the ‘real’ people of the area. This upcoming ride will take us to Akita.
On Saturday (9/23), participants will enjoy riding around the pristine blue Tazawako Lake. We’ll visit an old school house and enjoy the company of Akita Dogs while eating local bento’s. On this day riders will also be challenged to a long hill climb in the late afternoon and then rewarded with natural hot springs from the Mizusawa Natural Spring Water. We’ll wrap up the diner with a lakeside feast featuring fresh vegetables and meats from Akita and enjoy a tent sauna heating our bodies to the point that we want to jump into the Lake.
On Sunday (9/24), riders will wake up early to a morning outdoor breakfast and enjoy a morning kayak ride on Tazawako Lake. Then, it’s back on the saddle as we head towards the town of Kakunodate frequently referred to as the Kyoto of Japan’s Northern Territories because of the old and elaborate architecture and refined culture of the town. Upon arrival in Kakunodate we’ll visit a craft museum and learn from a master craftsman how to weave thin slices of maple to form a ‘good luck horse’.
RIDE NAME: Papersky’s Tour de Nippon in Akita / Tazawako
PLACE: Senboku City, Akita Prefecture
FEATURING: Tazawako, Mizusawa Hotsprings, Kakunodate
DATES: 9/23 (Saturday) & 9/24 (Sunday)
COST for 2 DAY RIDE (includes stay on 9/23 evening): 29,000 yen
Includes: (guide, support, bungalow stay on 9/23, 2 lunches, 1 Lakeside dinner, 1 breakfast on 9/24, kayak rental, visit with Akita Dog, Japanese craft workshop, support car, insurance, snack(s) and a few small gifts)
START TIME & MEETING PLACE: 10:30 am @ JR “Tazawako” Station
FINISH TIME & ENDING LOCATION: 4:30 pm @ JR “Kakunodate” Station
*Total riding distance: 73 km
SIGN UP for the RIDE!!!
Please write to us to begin the sign up process or ask questions at:
*If you would like to participate it’s necessary to sign up in advance and while spots are available.
*The cost of the Papersky Tour de Nippon does NOT INCLUDE TRANSPORTATION (flights, cars, trains, ferries) from the participant’s house to the starting point and from the finish point back to the participant’s house. All transportation must be self-booked.
*The cost of Tour de Nippon in Akita / Tazawako includes lodging on 9/23 Saturday-evening only). If you choose to arrive to the event before 9/23 and stay from 9/24 onwards you will need to arrange your own stay.
Papersky Tour de Nippon Website:

Past Papersky Tour de Nippon Videos:
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