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Tour de Nippon in Oku-Noto

, 2016/08/05

The Oku-Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture is rural and remote. The coast runs along two separate oceans and is dotted with salt makers, coffee roasters, black kawara roofs and rice fields.

We are now taking sign ups at for Papersky’s Tour de Nippon in Oku-Noto. The event will take place on 9/24 (Saturday) and 9/25 (Sunday).Papersky’s Tour de Nippon project is about finding the magic of Japan’s rural districts, their inhabitants, nature, culture and food. Each ride travels to various prefectures to ride bicycles, eat local food and meet the ‘real’ people of the area. This upcoming ride will take us to Noto an area that we feel is a Japanese version of Scandinavia. The area is rich in forest and many of the houses are built from wood. Because of the areas seclusion it has managed to remain naturally and culturally intact.

Participants will have an opportunity to join the town of Suzu’s annual festival and eat with the locals. On Saturday we’ll also be treated to a bus tour to visit some cultural and physical landscapes of the peninsula. On Sunday we’ll be riding bicycle approximately 50km both by the sea and in the hills.


RIDE NAME: Papersky’s Tour de Nippon in Oku-Noto
PLACE: Ishikawa Prefecture
Featuring: Oku-Suzu
DATES: 9/24 (sat.) & 9/25 (sun.)

Cost: 37,000 (+3,000 yen for bike rental)
( Festival diner, bus tour, hotel for one night, guide, lunch, breakfast, snacks,
entrance to attractions during the tour, workshop costs, support car, insurance, and a few small gifts.)

Start Time: 9/24 (sat) @ 10:00am
Finish Time: 9/25 (sun) @ 2:00
Start / Meeting Place: At (10:00am)Noto Satoyama Airport
or (12:15) Anamizu Station- Noto Train Line.
Finish / Marugaa Gelato Shop or Noto Satoyama Airport
Distance: 50 km

Sign Up for the RIDE!!!
(please write to us to begin the sign up process or ask questions at)
*If you would like to participate it’s necessary to sign up in advance and while spots are available.
*The cost of the Papersky tour de Nippon does NOT INCLUDE TRANSPORTATION (flights, Cars, Trains, Ferries) from the participants house to the starting point and from the finish point back to the participants house. All transportation must be self-booked.

Other Info:
Papersky Tour de Nippon Website:

Past Papersky Tour de Nippon Videos:
Nara-Tenri, Nagoya, Shodoshima, Oita, Tottori, Onomichi, Tanba Sasayama, Kagoshima, Hachinohe, Tokyo, Shiga, Shizuoka, Shimane-Tottori, Kyoto, Oshima

Suzu City webite:

Suzu Oku-Noto Triennale website:

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Oku Noto
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